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Remote Soil Monitoring for Conservation, Australia

In Australia, projected increases in the number of hot days and hot spells, decreases in rainfall, and longer, more frequent droughts means forewarning of changing soil conditions will also be key to adapting conservation land management practices.



BoomBox is an open source device that attaches to a camera trap (or trailcam) to create an Automated Behavioural Response (ABR) system for wildlife research and conservation.   An ABR…

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Introduction to Arduino

The Arduino open source platform consists of physical electronics (hardware) and an Integrated Development Environment or IDE (software) that communicates and programs the hardware. Arduino and Arduino-compatible hardware are circuit…

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Freakduino, FreakUSB boards, software and tutorials

If you’ve been visiting Freaklabs for a while, you’ll notice some changes to the website. The FreakUSB, Freakduino boards, software and tutorials are all still available.


The Freakduino boards are designed for rapid prototyping, evaluation, and deployment of custom wireless Arduino based devices. They’re fully compatible with the Arduino IDE and toolchain, which offers a single click compile and download and a rich ecosystem of open source software and tutorials available on the internet.

The boards are designed to introduce people to wireless sensor networking inexpensively and without having to deal with complex toolchains, protocol stacks, and software.


Whilst FreakUSB is standalone, wireless communications tool designed to be tethered to a PC or PC-like device such as a Raspberry Pi. It can be a wireless data sniffer that allows you to check the data you’re sending with your other compatible wireless devices or if you have a pair , you can use them to control another PC to send, for example, wireless triggers to another device to inform it to change a screen visual, execute some action, power down, etc.

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