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Camera Trap Cookbook: Creating an ABR system

In this video, we show you how the BoomBox attaches to Bushnell TrophyCam’s PIR trigger to create an Automated Behavioural Response System (ABRS).

WILDLABS Tech Tutors: How Do I Get Started With Arduino?

As part of WILDLABS Tech Tutors Season 1, Freaklabs discussed the Arduino platform and the possibilities for wildlife research and conservation technology. Check out Tech Tutors Season 2 and Season 3.

BoomBox Video Gallery 2: Tanzania

Don’t forget to turn on the sound! These are a selection of animal responses from the BoomBox deployment in Grumeti Game Reserve (open savanna), Tanzania in 2019. Thanks to Dr. Meredith Palmer for the footage.

Open Hardware Summit 2021

At the 2021 Open Hardware Summit Freaklabs gave a talk on conservation technology called ‘A Hyena Ate My Project’. Watch it on YouTube above, and checkout the complete list of talks here.

BoomBox Video Gallery 1

Some snippets of animal responses from BoomBox deployments in Grumeti Game Reserve (open savanna), Tanzania and Gorongosa National Park (woodland savanna), Mozambique in 2019 and 2021.

BoomBox is an Automated Behavioural Response System (ABR) system developed by Dr. Meredith Palmer and Freaklabs.

WILDLABS: Collaboration Spotlight: BoomBox

WILDLABS: Collaboration Spotlight: BoomBox

“… the BoomBox system went on to gather unprecedently thorough data…” Our BoomBox collaboration with Dr. Meredith Palmer was featured as part of WildLabs #Tech4Wildlife Photo Challenge.