Installing ChibiArduino Library

Here’s a video of how to install the FreakLabs board support files and the chibiArduino library. There is also written instruction below:

Before you install the chibiArduino library, please make sure your board is configured properly. You can consult the Hardware User Guides under the /Documentation menu on the FreakLabs home page.

Once you have the board configured properly, it’s time to install the library:

  • Download the latest version of the chibiArduino library. You can get it from the FreakLabs website here.
  • Install the library in your Arduino sketchbook folder. You can find the location of this folder by opening the Arduino IDE and checking under File/Preferences

  • Copy the location of the sketchbook folder and go there.

  • Copy and paste the chibiArduino library into the /libraries directory of your sketchbook folder. If this does not exist, you will need to create it.

  • Finally, restart the Arduino IDE and verify that you can see the chibiArduino library examples. If you can see them, the library is now installed.

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