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    I need a little bit help with chibiarduino stack for exemple I awnt to check if promiscuous register is on but answer is little bit harzardous. I try to add this line in Wireshark Bridge sketch I have modify chibiUsrCfg.h file for define flag of promiscuous

    byte registre_XAH_CTRL_1=chibiRegRead(0x17); //0x17 -> register XAH_CTRL_1 which you can find AACK_PROM_MODE

    But in serial monitor of arduino appears registre_XAH_CTRL_1=0

    For my application, I want to sniff a sensor with propritary frame so I think I need to modify some register and maybe I will find encryption payload but with wireshark will see frame, isn’t right?

    Best regards

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    Hi Yann.
    Setting XAH_CTRL_1 for the AACK_PROM_MODE enables promiscuous mode in the auto-ACK mode. When the chibiArduino stack sets promiscuous mode, it doesn’t use autoACK mode since there is no need for acknowledgements. Thats why that bit is 0.
    When we go into promiscuous mode, I set it to receive frames manually with no automatic hardware processing (ie: no auto CRC check, no frame filtering based on address, etc). This allows you to get the completely raw data.

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    Now, I can check all register, so you right all bite of XAH_CTRL_1 are in low level. Okay, before i didn’t understand that promiscuous mode is only for acknowledge frame.
    Do you know is we have any filtering enable that block received frame?

    But I don’t understand why I don’t see frame (proprietary frame protocol (MAC layer is not compliant with 802.15.4) in wireshark with sensniff.

    Thanks in advance

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