In this section you’ll find different learning resources for Arduino-compatible wildlife research and conservation technology including mounting, ruggedising your devices and troubleshooting in the field. 


Getting Started

This section provides a brief introduction to the Arduino platform then covers installing the Arduino IDE, board files and libraries, as well as understanding the IDE menu, folder structure, sketch structure and how to upload sketches to a board. 



This section includes in depth courses that go through how to build, code and deploy your own conservation hardware. 

Build Your Own Data Logger (BYODa)

This is the first course is the Build Your Own Data Logger course, co presented by WILDLABS .

This course take you through how to build a deployment ready, Arduino-based data logger. The data logger measures temperature and humidity and can be triggered by a PIR motion sensor, and logs the data to a microSD card. The course covers understanding and assembling the hardware, writing the code, optimising the code and system for deployment, ruggedising the enclosure and troubleshooting. 

There’s approximately 6 hours of instructional video content, along with slide materials, the code and forums for troubleshooting. 


How To … 

A series of short tutorials on topics including mounting, ruggedising devices, repairing devices and deployment. 

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