Module 6: Ruggedizing Devices

In Module 6 we discuss ways to project devices from water, dust and animals. Then we assemble the WildLogger using cable glands so our device remains protected in its enclosure.

Mechanical failures are a common reason devices fail in the field, however there’s lots we can do to protect our devices. In this module we cover enclosure IP ratings, screws, and protecting the bare PCB using varnish, potting, heat shrink tubing and silica gel. We also discuss wire gauges and AWG ratings. Plus we cover waterproofing holes with ePTFE and TPU, securing cables using cable harnesses, and getting our cables safely through the enclosure using cable glands and external connectors like barrel jack aviation, SP and M connectors.

Finally, we go through how to disassemble and reassemble cable harnesses so we can thread the WildLogger cables through the cable glands and seal it, ensuring our enclosure remains IP65 rated.

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6.0  Ruggedizing Devices

In this video we cover :

  • how to protect the bare PCB using varnish, potting and heat shrink tubing
  • IP ratings for enclosures
  • using seals and gaskets, selecting screws
  • Using ePTFE and TPU to protect exit holes in the enclosure
  • Protecting against condensation inside the enclosure

6.0 – Ruggedizing Devices  (PDF)



6.1 Ruggedizing cables, connectors and user interfaces

In this video we cover:

  • why wire gauges are important
  • understanding AWG ratings
  • different types of cables
  • connecting sensors and other peripherals using cable harnesses
  • protecting exit holes in the enclosure using cable glands
  • types of connectors to use inside the enclosure
  • types of connectors to use outside the enclosure including panel mount barrel jack connectors, aviation GX connectors, SP connectors and others
  • Waterproofing user interfaces and indicators like buttons and LEDs

6.1 – Ruggedized Cables Connectors and Interfaces (PDF)



6.2 Assembling the WildLogger

In this video we assemble our WildLogger and cover:

  • crimping wires
  • assembling and disassembling cable glands

6.2 – Assembling The WildLogger (PDF)



Supporting Materials

Terminology Sheet

Module 6 – Terminology Cheatsheet(PDF)


Video Slides – to UPDATE

6.0 – Ruggedizing Devices (PDF)

6.1 – Ruggedized Cables Connectors and Interfaces (PDF)

6.2 – Assembling The WildLogger (PDF)


Conversations & Troubleshooting

Module 6 Discussion (forum thread)


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