Module 7: Testing and Piloting

In module 7, we take our fully assembled system into the lab, sandbox and pilot test environments. We go through the purpose of each environment, running accelerated testing and some general tips. We also troubleshoot common issues such as shorter-than-expected battery life, inaccurate readings and missed readings.

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7.0  Testing and Piloting

In this video we cover full system testing:

  • Testing in the Lab
  • Testing in the Sandbox
  • Piloting
  • Tips and tests for specific deployment conditions such as cold and heat
  • Basic troubleshooting for
    • short battery life
    • inaccurate sensor readings
    • missed sensor readings or PIR motion triggers

7.0 – Testing and Piloting (PDF)



Supporting Materials

Terminology Sheet

Module 7 – Terminology Cheatsheet(PDF)


Video Slides – to UPDATE

7.0 – Testing and Piloting (PDF)


Conversations & Troubleshooting

Module 7 Discussion (forum thread) – to update


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