Request a Feature

Our hardware is designed for the field, and in collaboration with end users. We add new features and functionality to existing devices by designing new shields or modifying our application code. We also include feature requests in the next version of devices. 

Adapt a Design

We like to build upon what already exists.  We take ideas or prototype designs to deployable devices, and adapt existing technology, such as camera traps to extend their functionality and open up new experiments and uses. 

Customise a Kit

Our kits include what you’ll need for deployment, such as enclosures and specific sensors. However if you want to create or modify a kit, (for example include a different sensor, or replace the ADC with higher-resolution one), please contact us. 

Capacity Building


We develop and run workshops for wildlife researchers and conservationists, both online and in person. We cover a range of practical skills including soldering, programming in Arduino,  assembling or modifying hardware and customising devices and enclosures. We cater to all skill levels, from those with no prior hardware or electronics experience to those that are ready to build and customise their own devices. 


We create and run online courses with virtual watch parties and office hours.  Our courses go in-depth into the hardware design process and how to customise your own devices for deployment. We assume no prior hardware or electronics experience and cover things like design process, critical components, application programming, power management, testing, ruggedising devices and troubleshooting. We also create shorter tutorials and how to’s.  


Full System Development

With our partners, we develop complete systems and data pipelines. A data pipeline consists of sensor stations, gateway devices that communicate via 2G, 3G, 4G and satellite as well as the server, api and webapp. We cover the full development chain including:

  • requirements gathering and scoping
  • PCB design and layout
  • firmware and application development
  • prototyping and small-batch manufacturing
  • testing and piloting
  • larger-scale manufacturing
  • deployment and maintenance 
  • server, API and webapp development
  • 3rd party backend integration
  • system diagnostics

We take a wholistic approach that incorporates not only the system design and development but also capacity building, deployment, manufacturing and maintenance.

Technical Advice and Due Diligence

We focus on technology that is affordable and accessible to those who use it. We provide advice on what technology is available, what’s most appropriate for the problem and deployment conditions, and how partners can leverage the supply chain and manufacturing eco-system. We also provide technical due diligence for existing projects and technology. 


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