Board Files

The Arduino IDE needs to know the microcontroller and pin layout of a circuit board to ensure the board responds as expected when programmed in the IDE.

These are the Freaklabs board definition files that need to be installed so that your board can be recognized correctly by the Arduino IDE.

Instructions on how to install board files (opens in new window).


BoomBox and WildLogger

These are the board files for BoomBox, WildLogger and FreakLabs Wildlife and Environmental conservation technology boards.
Board FilesCompatible BoardsGithub Repo
FreakLabs-Wildlife BoardsBoomBox, WildLogger, WilduinoGithub Repo


Freakduino and FreakUSB

The board files for the Freakduino series and FreakUSB board.

Board FilesCompatible BoardsGithub Repo
Freakduino, FreakUSB BoardsFreakduino, FreakUSB, Freakduino 1284PGithub Repo

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