Before installing libraries, please install Arduino, and the board definition files. 

Instructions on how to install Arduino libraries (opens in new window).

A library is a collection of related pieces of code compiled and stored together in a single file. That file can be linked to, and referenced in application code, giving access to the functions in the library without having to write them all yourself.

By using libraries, you can concentrate on developing your application.

These are Arduino libraries that we wrote:

LibraryDescriptionBoard Compatibility
cmdArduinoAllows you to create a command line interface to access your board directly via the Arduino IDE's serial monitor.

Useful for application development and quick testing and debugging.

Written by Freaklabs.
Arduino-compatible boards
chibiArduinoAn open source, lightweight wireless sensor library for Arduino.

Enables wireless communication via IEEE 802.15.4.

Written by Freaklabs
Freakduino series
BoomboxA library that accompanies the Boombox board and allows you to control the MP3 decoder to run playback experiments.

Written by Freaklabs.

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