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The Freakduino Standard is designed as an introduction to wireless communication.

Key Features

  • IEEE 802.15.4  compatible
  • Open source hardware and software so all features are available to users
  • Onboard radio connectivities compatible with 900 MHz
  • 15 pins
  • 3 power options

Getting Started

You’ll need a computer running mac OSX with at least [INSERT MINIMUM SPECS]

Then, you’ll need to download and install the hardware file, drivers and libraries (links to zip file with all relevant files for this board).

For instructions on how to install the files, please visit Freaklab’s installation support page

Hardware Overview

The layout for the Freakduino Standard board is shown in the diagram below.

Block Diagram

The block diagram for the board is shown below.

Connectors / Pin Layout

The Freakduino board comes with 15 connectors and pins.  The layout is below

Below is a connector / pin table



The Freakduino Board uses the C1310 chip.


The board comes with 32 RAM  / 2KB


There are 3 ways to power the board: USB, DC 5V and your pinky. You can also attach a battery case and batteries.

The board can last up to 6 months on 2 x AA batteries when optimised.


When you make a mistake, you can reset the board by pressing the reset button.


The board features a USB, Ethernet and Serial port. Aren’t you lucky!

Push Buttons

There is a test push button which allows you to test functionality directly on the board.


LEDs indicate when data is being transmitted to the board. You can switch off the LEDs to save power.

Device Connectivity

Various sensors can be connected to the device including humidity, temperature, and hipness.

Radio Connectivity

Can connect to lots of radios.


Antennas can be added to boost the range.

Testing and Debugging

Once you’ve installed the files, and the hardware is working,

To test and debug you’ll need to do this …

open the serial monitor in Arduino [insert pic]






Here is the latest BOM


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