User Guides

Here you’ll find user guides for BoomBox and WildLogger.


BoomBox Practical User Guide (PDF)

This is an in depth guide that explains how to assemble BoomBox, how to setup Arduino, how to programme, test and prepare the device for deployment, experiment ideas and deployment code examples, set up and in the field best practises, data checking / maintenance, and troubleshooting.


WildLogger (BYOD course overview)

A PDF user guide for WildLogger is coming soon.

The WildLogger Kit includes a temperature and humidity sensor, and PIR motion sensor.

The Build Your Own Data Logger (BYOD) course uses the WildLogger Kit  and goes through how to assemble, code, test, deploy and troubleshoot your own custom data logger. Coding starts from Module 2:  Setting up Arduino

If you’re familiar Arduino, you can find a list of sketches for the WildLogger here. Please check the corresponding module in the BYOD course for code explanations.


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